2020 is approaching and more and more people are returning to use the film. Nostalgic? A return to the past? We must resign ourselves to the idea that we love that grain of the film, that random effect that comes out, the unpredictability that makes everything more beautiful. It seems to be a new trend and many brands require it specifically for their advertising campaigns. There is nothing to do, the film will never die and it is right to say it. But we don’t want to dwell on it.

We have selected seven compact cameras in terms of quality-price. They are compact and lightweight and you can take them anywhere. The best to approach analog photography. You can buy them in the used market at advantageous prices. Let’s see them together:

Photo Credit: LOAF Cameras @loafcameras

Yashica T5

The Yashica T5 is a weather-proof point and shoot, dynamic, lightweight, speedy and compact in size with a sharp 3.5/35mm lens from Carl Zeiss.

Our best choice in terms of quality-price. Amazing features for extraordinary results.

Price: 250-300 euro

Photo Credit: LOAF Cameras @loafcameras

Olympus Mju II

This compact 35mm camera is equipped with a fast fixed 35mm f/2.8 lens, autofocus with focus lock and integrated flash, all in a compact, splash-proof body.

The mju-II was a real commercial success and was recognized as a classic modern camera and continues to have a large following among street photographers and compact fans.

Our favorite. The best choice if you want to invest some money, the quality will be assured.

Price: 250 – 300 euro

Photo Credit: LOAF Cameras @loafcameras

Nikon Zoom 310 AF

The 35mm AF Zoom camera that are really compact, have been defined by Nikon as one of the most compact photo cameras in the world.

The Zoom 310 is fitted with an ultraviolet filtered (lens cover) F3.5 35mm – F6.5 70mm zoom lens of 4-elements in 4 groups construction and with a programmed electronic shutter.

Our preferred choice due to its low weight and the low price. Can’t miss from your pocket!

Price: 50 – 100 euro

Photo Credit: LOAF Cameras @loafcameras

Contax TVS

The Contax TVS is a compact zoom camera from the mid nineties. Its body is made out of Titanium, it has a Zeiss Vario-Sonar zoom lens and a good range of sensible manual controls.

It’s nicely built, well designed and not outrageously expensive.

This is a very special camera. We love its design.

Price: 200-300 eur

Photo Credit: LOAF Cameras @loafcameras

Olympus AF-10 Super

The Olympus AF-10 Super is a basic camera but it is really suitable for starting to approach analog photography.

One of the best things about this camera is how responsive it is.

It is possible to find it at bargain prices but still offers excellent results for being so cheap. Try it!

Price: 30-50 euro

Photo Credit: LOAF Cameras @loafcameras

Nikon 35AF

The L35AF has a relatively fast standard lens (2.8/35mm.), which focuses (automatically) down to 80 cm. It’s so easy to use featuring auto focus, automatic film loading/advance/rewind, automatic flash and a separate viewfinder/rangefinder.

This very first compact camera was introduced in March 1983. It was designed by the famous Italian car designer Giugiario.

This is a real heirloom to keep in the collection.

Price: 80-100 euro

Photo Credit: LOAF Cameras @loafcameras

Olympus Superzoom 800 s

The Olympus Superzoom 800S is a fully-automatic autofocus lens-shutter camera with a built-in zoom lens and a programmed electronic shutter.

This Olympus compact digital camera has a 38mm-80mm lens comprised of five elements in four groups.

Excellent to start with, especially for its simplicity of use.

Price: 80-100 euro


We hope you will find the model that’s right for you. All prices are purely indicative.

Thanks to LOAF Cameras for providing us with the photos.

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