In this difficult moment for Italy and for the whole world, dreaming is the only hope we have. So during the “quarantine” period, memories flow, we pick up postcards, letters and leaf through photo albums. Whether it is a holiday or a business trip. Thoughts echo in the mind embracing nostalgia and desire to be already there, facing the sea, with the sun in your face, with the only thought of not having to think about anything. 

Everything will pass but maybe it will never be the same again. A little confused, we will start from scratch, renewing us and finding new ways to reinvent ourselves. And yes, we’ll hug each other even stronger than before. Meanwhile, we can close our eyes and think we are there. On the other hand, dreaming costs us nothing.

We’ll hug each other even stronger than before”

This series by the French and Paris-based photographer Antoine Magnien, represents that desire to return to Italy on vacation. An elegant series that treats the signs of that nostalgia.



























Editor: Matteo Papacchioli 

Photography: Antoine Magnien   @antoine__mgnn

Equipment:  Olympus OM40 – Portra 400

Location: Napoli, Capri, Ischia, Sorrento – Italy, Summer ’18

Soundtrack: Nu Guinea – Ddoje Facce

March 2020