Gino Sarfatti was undoubtedly one of the most influential Italian lamp designers in the world. It has over 650 lamps to its credit, which still surprise today for quality, design foresight, aesthetic and functional success.

His philosophy: immediately after the war, he begins to bend the lamps towards people who need light. That is, in some way, it brings the light closer to the man who needs to be illuminated.

If the line of a light source had always been vertical until after the Second World War, it gradually becomes oblique and all this constitutes a very precise symbol of attention towards a society that was changing.

We have selected only some of the wonderful projects by Sarfatti.


Mod. 2133


Mod. 2065


Mod. 2129


Mod. 213


Mod. 194


Mod. 1086


Mod. 1045


Mod. 1073


Mod. 1030


Mod. 1102


Mod. 565


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May 2020