The atmosphere that is created during each shooting is something magical. Look for the right light, wait because in the end it is the waiting that makes everything look better. That feeling before printing the roll and the anxiety so that at least part of the roll is not lost. To venture sometimes can be advantageous and with a bit of luck the result becomes extraordinary. Of course, the end result is given by the harmony that is created between photographer and model. Naturalness, genuineness, spontaneity are fundamental parts that enrich the set and make the work great.

These photos were taken with a Pentax Mx, 50mm f/1.7 lens, Kodak Ultra Max 400 film at Bogatell beach, Barcelona, in the end of September, with wonderful human being Ariadna Tapia, exclusive for Offline by Matteo Papacchioli.

We were in this wonderful beach a stone’s throw from Barceloneta beach, we first reached a basketball court and then headed to the beach, after eating some fruits to stay hydrated, to finish with a nice refreshing shower. The weather conditions were not the best, the sun came and went, but in the end something good came out.

The real magic is when the photos come out just like you thought, as you imagine them in mind.

Something went wrong during the shower, but isn’t the imperfection that makes the film so beautiful?












































Photography: Matteo Papacchioli x Offline – All Rights Reserved

Model: Ariadna Tapia

Equipment: Pentax Mx, Kodak Ultra Max 400 Film

Location: Bogatell Beach, Barcelona