Offline is a worldwide destination for art, creativity and culture. In-depth features foreground on art, fashion, design, architecture, culture, photography and music. Photographic stories come together in a definition of beauty, authenticity, provocation, sensuality and glamour in one word.

Offline thus becomes a mood, a lifestyle. 

Photography: Marco Krueger. Equipment: Pentax 67, 105mm f2,4 on film ILFORD Delta 400. Model: Larissa Wehr.

Admittedly, going through the long process of shooting film just to end up with a digital picture may sound a bit absurd, but shooting film is as much about the process as it is about the outcome. No filter, no retouch, no trick or magic. It’s all about the subject, the composition and the main rules of photography. Sometimes it resembles the purity of a poem.

Our mission is to inspire people through the moments of everyday life, creating a unique atmosphere with analog photography.

Offline concept stems from the need to break away from the online world. This may seem like a contradiction, since it is shared through a website and social media platforms. The experience of analog shooting or other artistic activities, such as painting, is completely detached from the digital. It gives us the chance to enter a world of our own, isolated. To imagine a genuine space and to immortalize every moment in a natural, spontaneous way, without filters or need for any changes. An analog shot is nice “as it comes”, just because its – sometimes – imperfection and naturalness, makes it unique and inimitable.

Many pianists still prefer analog pianos over digital keyboards because of the unique way old pianos play music. Some photographers feel exactly the same way with photography.

We share this passion through the photos of established and emerging artists, with the intent to spread this art to the entire world. 


Creative Direction: Matteo Papacchioli

IG @matteopapacchioli