For those who don’t know her, Marta Pozzan is an Italian model, actress and influencer based in Los Angeles. Her influencer career has taken hold since she moved there. She had the opportunity to work with some of the best known brands thanks to her communication skills. Marta has had many satisfactions in recent years. She recently presented a speech in Italy on the prestigious stage of the Tedx Talks about social media. The creation of digital content is what she has always focused on, naturally she knows how to create a perfect storytelling for each brand. And above all, she has clear ideas about who she is and what she wants to communicate.

Hello Marta, this is a strange time for everyone, how are you facing this quarantine in isolation?

At first I was little scared because I felt like I would miss all the things I have been so used to do for the last few years that I panicked but after a few weeks I started thinking, oh this is actually a very precious time; we can look into ourselves, reflect on our life, maybe prepare for some changes we’re going to take and just in general take life at a slower and deeper pace.

You have lived in Los Angeles for many years, how much has it affected what you do?

I have lived in LA for nine years and I don’t really see myself living anywhere else if not only for short periods of time. LA has taught me so much about life, people; it has helped my personal growth and my career like no other city or place in the world has ever had. I know sometimes it made me very tough in a way that some things don’t even affect me anymore but I also believe that it gave me a vision of the world that is much broader than the one I would have if I had stayed in Europe.

What has been your greatest satisfaction to date?

My greatest satisfaction to date has been realizing that no matter what people think about us, what really counts is how we feel about ourselves and how we want to approach life so I’ve always tried to stick to my voice and to stand for what I believe in. I know that is something that sounds simple but most people don’t ever get to that feeling of owning who they are and what they stand for..

What do you think about photography? 

I love photography because I love people. I think catching moments of real-life into a photograph it’s almost like capturing peoples feelings so when you look at them later on in life you can remember them as if you were feeling them right now, in that moment.

Colors or black and white?

Colors. They’re more fun. They make life good.

The content you create always has a retro look and we like it very much. Tell us about your passion for vintage.

Thank you, it means so much to me that you noticed that. I’ve always liked to look at old Hollywood actresses, at how the move, how they smile, how they wear clothes. And when I shoot I try to feel as if I was one of them.

What do you take inspiration from?

Movies, people, art, nature.

Digital has revolutionized many sectors and if you think about it, today it is possible to do everything with a smartphone and create professional content. What is the application or software you would never give up?

I am really into the portrait mode of our iPhone cameras and I love adding some VSCO edits; I also use pages for some framing stuff and Unfold.

Describe your perfect outfit.

Boyfriend jeans, a cropped top, a pair of white Converse and oversized sunglasses.

If you had to describe yourself with the name of a movie, what would it be?

Erin Brockovich.

Let’s talk about music, is there an album or artist you often listen to? That gives you energy and positivity.

Leon Bridges, his music is so soulful. Beyond and River are my favorite songs of his.

Our key question: You certainly spend many hours on social media, as you said during the Tedx Walks, but what do you do when you are offline? What are your passions far from digital?

I love dogs, I spend hours petting dogs I meet in my neighborhood or simply my friend’s dogs. I read psychology books and I do creative writing. I also love to research art and art galleries around the world.

Is there a future project that you can reveal to us?

Dont Fight The Darkness, Turn On The Light is a short film that combines music, art, fashion and technology. The film presents an innovative approach for fashion and lifestyle in a digital era. See below the link.

AR technology allows influencers such as Pozzan to continue to story tell and create content for fashion brands while practicing social distancing and staying home. Pozzan set-up a green screen to film herself with the clothing and accessories as shown in the video and then submitted the content to On The Map Creative an agency who then enlisted world class creatives from America, Australia, U.K. and Italy to edit, compose and produce the final product.’ 

Thanks for your time, it was nice to talk to you.

Editor: Matteo Papacchioli

Words: Marta Pozzan @martapozzan

Photography: Castro Clifton @castroclifton

May 2020