Offline concept also arises from the need to understand the behavior of humans in the digital world, how it influences them in their way of thinking, of acting. The constant feeling that time passes like a high-speed train, where the only way to stop it is printed photography. The film. It’s able to “stop” every moment of joy or pain. As long as it remains forever. Maybe hanging on a wall.

Today our muse is Irene Noren, model and influencer of Spanish origins. She has already attracted the attention of many brands and she has appeared in multiple campaigns alongside the industries biggest names. She is considered a style icon in the fashion industry and a reference point for many girls. We appreciate so much her vintage and genuine taste who are reflected to our. She could very well be belonging to another era, certainly between the 70s and 80s. We had the pleasure of asking her some questions about travels, social media, photography and other things.

Hello Irene, first of all, where are you now?

Hello! Currently I’m spending the holidays with my family in my hometown Altea, in Spain.

Trips are part of your job. What is your dream place to visit, that you haven’t seen yet?

I’m looking forward to explore South America. I know I’m gonna feel very connected to their culture and I’ve heard great things about their people and their food.

 We always need to take photos in every moment of our life – with the phone always at hand, instead of living the moment “here and now”. It is as if these photos were disposable, don’t you think? What’s your relationship with photography? 

I agree. For me, photography is part of my day a day, I take photos all the time since I was a kid. Actually one of my first jobs back when I was 15 was photographer in the sports newspaper. I was very into photography and a family friend who worked there invited me to go and try, and the newspapers ended up choosing my photos over the rest of photographers who were there. I know I had a good eye and a sense of aesthetics so I enjoy taking photos and choosing what to show in them.

If there is, do you want to tell us about a childhood memory linked to analogue photography and films?

Of course! I grew up looking at the photos of my grandparents back in the 50s 60s and 70s and their fashion and lifestyle was really inspiring to me. Then the first time ever I got photographed by a professional photographer was with film and I instantly felt in love by the moment of creating something timeless. I also believe that when you shoot with film the connection with the camera is different, there’s a compromise between the photographer and you to take few but great photos.

 The digital world has revolutionized all sectors, including fashion and the way of communicating. Most of your work is online. What is your relationship with social media?

Social media has brought me the best moments of my life. For me it’s a platform where you can create and show who you are with just few boundaries. You get to discover creative and beautiful people around the world, it feels like the world is smaller, isn’t in?

 However, we need to escape from social networks. A kind of social media detox. What do you do when you’re offline? What are your passions far from the digital world?

I love to spend time with family and friends. I’m always with people, socializing but it’s just when I am with those who I really love when I detox from the world and I stay 100% present.

 If we could tell your life in a movie, what would it be?

The pursuit of happiness. I am a warrior, people won’t expect me to have lived the experiences in life that I got to live but for sure I’ve been fighting since I am a kid. I had so many problem but I have always moved on and kept fighting to pursue my dreams. I have always believed in me and I have always wanted to find real happiness, the one that comes from within.


 Cool. What music do you usually listen to? Which is your favorite track or album?

It really changes. I have always been connected to music I always say that the music we listen is our life soundtrack and it makes you feel on tune, so I don’t really have and specific style that I’m stick on.

Lately I’ve been listening to Celeste which is a mix of soul, jazz and a touch of Amy Winehouse.

 What’s your favorite painter? Is there a particular painting that you love?

My favorite painter is Yayoi Kusama, I’ve been following her art for years and I even went to Singapore to see her most exclusive exhibition there. I just love her story and how she reflects her illness though her art.

One of my all time favorite paintings is The Garden of Earthly Delights. I remember the first time I saw it when I was 10 I got so absorbed by its complexity that for many years have been my favorite painting. I love its symbolism and the whole story that tells the triptych.

The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch. Museo del Prado, Madrid.

 Well, tell us about your future plans. What’s boiling in the pot?

The people who know me knows that I’m in a constant improvement and growth. I hate the feeling of being comfortable so I’m always on the go. 2019 has been a year of self growth, learning and working hard in the projects I am going to launch in 2020. From my most exciting project that is my own clothing brand IN By Irene that people believe will revolutionize the fashion industry, til my philosophy book that I’ve written myself the last year and I’m gonna self publish it to a non profit company that I started this summer that will help woman around the world to feel empowered and protected. Life is exciting!

Thank you for your time, was nice to speak with you.

Editor: Matteo Papacchioli

Photography: Arthur Oscar @arthuroscar_

Model: Irene Noren @irenenoren 

Equipment:  Nikon F4 with Nikkor Lens, Polaroid SX-70 Sonar OneStep, Leica AF-C1 on film Portra 400 exposed at 250 and Portra 800.

December 2019