Carianne Older, formally known as Peggy, is a photographer based in Miami. The female figure is the main theme of her photography. The irreverent beauty of girls, shown in her photos, is enhanced by the warm and cold light imprisoned in her lens, in a fairytale atmosphere. As a creative director, she is able to create unique atmospheres, with a vintage flavor, also thanks to her love for analog photography. Peggy could be included in a widespread contemporary trend to pop culture, which sees the USA and its background – skateboarding, surfing, gangs, beaches, celebrities, the golden age of Hollywood, the representation of life in Beverly Hills – influencing fashion, photography and music.

We had the pleasure of asking her some questions.

Hello Peggy, first of all we would like to know when did you start shooting?

I only started shooting in 2017, new to the game, but I always had the vision. Once I picked up a camera, it was game over.

We know that analog photography covers most of your work. What do you think about analog photography? Why do you choose it over digital?

I really think I wasn’t born in this era. I look, dress, and act like a person born in 1985. I wear clothes from this era, I listen to the music of this era, and all my shoots are mainly inspired from this era. I like the nostalgic look of film. I also love that it’s a surprise every time – there’s no instant gratification involved, you’re forced to wait and see what magic you created.

I also love that it’s a surprise every time – there’s no instant gratification involved, you’re forced to wait and see what magic you created

Where do you find your inspiration to create those atmospheres? Do you usually starting with an idea in mind or improvise?

I almost always improvise and wing it. I usually always have a model in mind, but that’s about it.

What analog camera do you use most often?

My Minolta Freedom Zoom.

How do you consider your photography? How could you define it with a term?


Well. Most of your photos depict female beauties. Is there a particular reason?

I am a woman who loves to shoot other women. A good majority of the girls I shoot are my close friends, I’ve really lucked out – I have some absolutely stunning friends. Being a female photographer is special, I get to shoot other women in their comfort zone. Shooting ladies is very vulnerable – were vulnerable people. I love the energy of a room full of girls – it almost makes me feel like i’m constantly on the set of a Spice Girls music video, which I also love. I model as well, so I know the way a woman wants to be portrayed during a shoot. It’s really special when I get to meet and connect with new women while creating art together, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Now a crucial question. What do you do in your free time, especially when you are offline? What is your passion?

Photography most definitely is a big passion of mine. When i’m not shooting, you can find me listening to music. Music is everything to me – I’ve been singing since I was 9 years old. It’s not something I really talk about or tell people because I don’t do it professionally. You can always catch me blasting music out of my car with the windows down – 9 out of 10 times it’s Phil Collins or Green Day.

Do you have a tip for the guys who are starting to shoot in analog?

Don’t be afraid to shoot film. Don’t get in your head about images not coming out, or looking right. I didn’t go to school for this, i’m self taught. Learning by doing is essential.

Thank you so much lovely Peggy!

Photography: Carianne Older @peggyshootsfilm

Models in random order: Carly @mistieinthesky, Madison @madisontmitchell, Sophie @simplysophhhh, Megan @meganstar_, Emily @em.m.kay, Kristy @_krestrepo, Danielle @daniellebriannesmith, Twee @bbytwee, Izabel @_izhc, Paulina @polderexpress, Paige @theallamericangal, Sophie @sophiedeleze, Toby @tobylaynetaylor, Jen @endlesslyloveclub, Kat @kutryna.