It was 1994, the perfume “Obsession” by Calvin Klein, was already becoming a classic thanks to that black and white image of the lifeless English model, and the work of the unknown Italian Mario Sorrenti. The two had met in London on an audition and they met again after a few weeks and spent the night together walking in London until they fell asleep in the Hyde Park lawn. Years of travel between the English capital and New York, in which he photographed her relentlessly.

Kate Moss and Mario Sorrenti by Andrew Macpherson


Sorrenti from Naples had gone to live in New York in the eighties, he had tried with sculpture and painting, then finding his way in photography. Kate Moss was nineteen and thanks Calvin Klein  soon became a true icon. For that campaign Klein used the private photos taken by Sorrenti during a vacation. They spent a week in the Virgin Islands, all paid, without make-up artists or assistants, just the two of them. They returned to New York with photos that told of a true love obsession.

Those shots that consecrated Kate Moss as an icon and muse, lying on a ramshackle black sofa, will always remain in the history of photography.







April 2020

Photo Credit: Mario Sorrenti

Model: Kate Moss